Wild Life

Wild Life

Erik is looking forward to his first hunting trip with his best friend Patrick and Patrick’s father. Days before their trip Erik’s parents are suddenly deployed to Iraq and Erik must go live with grandparents he hardly knows in North Dakota. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, Erik settles in wondering how he will pass the time before his parents return. When he discovers a lost dog that ran into a porcupine, he cares for the animal and names her Quill. Unfortunately Erik’s grandfather, Big Darrell tells him no. Upset by this Erik takes a shotgun from his grandparent’s home and he Quill run away to live off the land. A great adventure and survival story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats to see if Erik and Quill can survive on their own.

192 pages ISBN: 978-0374380014

Reviewed by: Angela Cooke Sides, Librarian, Texas, USA


This book is a real winner! It has everything young boys love: guns, a dog, runaway, survival – all delivered with a fast-paced story line.

After 12-year-old Erik's parents are redeployed to Iraq, he is sent to live with grandparents in North Dakota.  He rescues an injured dog but seems to have no possible relations with his hostile Grandfather so he runs away. He and Quill, the rescued dog, survive -- just barely.

Recommended by Frank Hodge, Emeritus Booktalker of HODGE-PODGE Books

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