Who's In Rabbit's House

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Who's In Rabbit's House

Rabbit makes a home on a path that leads to the river and every day animal after animal passes by on their way to a drink of water. Then, one evening Rabbit comes home to find her door locked and she can't get into her own house. Who is in there? How can she get them out? The voice of the Long One reaches through the walls to Rabbit with a roar. " I am the Long One. I eat trees and trample on elephants. Go away or I will trample on you." Now a trail of animals comes one by one, each with an idea of how to get rid of the monster in Rabbit's house. The story presents itself as a play acted out by Masai warriors in vibrant animal masks. As we watch, the play unfolds before our eyes and we wonder along with Rabbit, just who could be inside and how they will ever get things back to normal. This is the 1977 School Library Journal Best Book of the Year. (Would make a great partner book for 14 Cows for America) 32 pages Ages 5-9

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