Boy/Girl Battle, Book 12: Who Won The War?

Boy/Girl Battle, Book 12:  Who Won The War?

We will all finally say goodbye to the shenanigans of the three Malloy sisters and the four Hatford boys in this final novel of the series. A year ago, in their time, the Malloy family moved to West Virginia to live for a year while the dad underwent a work exchange program. Although it may have seemed like a long year to the kids, on August 24th, through all the tricks, triumphs, and troubles, the Malloy's will officially return to Ohio leaving the Hatford brother's in peace. But with an official countdown underway, do you really think the tricks will subside?

The summer is so hot the boys think they can fry eggs on the sidewalk. Bugs are being found in sandwiches. Talk of dynamite has the plot ready to go Boom! Ghosts keep the kids nerves rattling like an earthquake. But the worst of worst has come, the Malloy sisters are forced to sleepover at their worst enemies house, the Hatfords. Share a bedroom, a bathroom, and the same house? People are bound to lose track of their wits and their underpants.

Who really will win this war of trickery? 144 Pages

Recommended by Maddie Reynolds

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