Who Came Down That Road?

Who Came Down That Road?

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Kane Miller 2011
Science Curriculum

Do you ever stop and look at the roadways in your community and wonder what it looked like a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, a million years ago? Do you wonder about all the lives that have been lived and the stories that have been created? This beautiful book gives us a glimpse of the magnificent whole that we are a small part of. A mother and a child are walking out in the woods together when they come upon a path that leads to an old road. The child asks who came down that road and the answer is both literal and metaphorical. In the family history, the great grandparents came down the road looking for a place to farm but even before they came and even before they lived on this Earth, there were settlers, Indians, mastodons and great seas and before that something even more magnificent. For children who wonder how we all got here, this is a beautiful, inspirational, celebration of our existence and the miracle of our universe. The illustrations deliver a powerful spiritual message to a part of us that has a thread, our connection, leading all the way back to the very beginning of time. Ages 4-8 32 pages

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