White Fox Chronicles

White Fox Chronicles

It's 2057 and fourteen-year-old Cory Pierce has had enough of this prison camp run by the Confederated Consolidation of Republics (CCF). He's going to figure out how to escape and once he's out he's going to come back to free all the other kids who are trapped in this empty, punishing place. Action packed scenes that you can play in your mind like a movie keep the pages turning. Cody is the White Fox and at last America may have found the catalyst to unite the rebels within to overcome their oppressors.

288 pages                             978-0385322546                        Ages 10-14

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


The year is 2057. Endless wars have torn the USA apart and enslaved Americans to the CCR, the Confederation of Consolidated Republics. Growing up in the wasteland of war has made 14-year-old Cody Pierce wise in survival skills, and now he's the White Fox, rebel leader of the children's barracks in a CCR prison camp. Once he escapes, life with the underground teaches him new skills in weaponry and strategy as he plays cat-and-mouse with the CCR. Every day brings him closer to capture, as well as to his goal: to return and liberate the children he left behind.---from the publisher

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