When Sue Found Sue: Sue Hendrickson Discovers Her T-Rex


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Abrams Books for Young Readers May 2019
Science Curriculum

From a very young age, Sue Hendrickson was meant to find things: lost coins, perfume bottles, even hidden treasure. Her endless curiosity eventually led to her career in diving and paleontology, where she would continue to find things big and small.

In 1990, at a dig in South Dakota, Sue made her biggest discovery to date: Sue the T. rex, the largest and most complete T. rex skeleton ever unearthed. Named in Sue’s honor, Sue the T. rex would be placed on permanent exhibition at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. 

When Sue Found Sue inspires readers to take a closer look at the world around them and to never lose their brave, adventurous spirits. --from the publisher

32 pages          978-1419731631              Ages 4-11

Keywords:  fossils, women, biography, science, paleontology, career, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old


Some books make the world seem like a magical place filled with treasure to be discovered at any moment on any day and this is one of those books.   So, let's introduce you to this book.  First you need to meet the main character and she would be Sue Hendrickson, shy, super smart girl who loved to learn and most of all who loved to unleash her curiosity in the world around her.  She loved to look and she loved to discover.

Second, you need to know that she grew up to be a professional looker and discoverer.  At the age of seventeen she set out to look for boats and lost cars and tropical fish and that led her to the Dominican amber mines and then she went on to Peru. Dominican amber mines?  Did you even know there were Dominican amber mines?  Wonder what she found in Peru?

You get the idea.  She loved to look for things all over the world and she discovered that there are things to find all over the world.  The world is full of them.

Third, you need to know that Sue was persistent.  She spent four years out in the heat - we are talking some really serious heat here...in South Dakota.  That's where Sue found Sue.

As always, Toni Buzzeo brings her great heart to this story and brings Sue Hendrickson up close and personal with a great sense of fun, a huge dose of respect and admiration, and Toni's own innate sense of wonder at the world.  This is a delightful celebration of how one girl grew up to be a woman, was comfortable with herself, and went on to make an incredible discovery.  The best part is that Sue Hendrickson made her discovery in 1990.

This biography stands out for its freshness, its sense of fun, and its permission and empowerment for every child to turn on his/her/their own curiosity and enjoy the amazing things that happen when you look around you and discover.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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