What Happened to Goodbye

What Happened to Goodbye

Eliza, Beth, Lizbet –at each new school, Mclean uses part of her middle nameto reinvent herself after the horrible divorce, as she and her dad travel from town to town so he can help failing restaurants. After Mom left Dad for the basketball coach at the university, their favorite team and shared passion, how could she stay in her hometown?



So she’s the drama rebel in one town, the joining-every-club girl in another, but never makes close friends because they’ll move again soon. She keeps Dad organized while he saves or closes down each restaurant - that and her schoolwork are enough.



Until this time, when she introduces herself as Mclean to the guy next door and winds up with a circle of unlikely friends at school. Getting involved with a community project being built in the restaurant’s upstairs room was a fluke, but what about getting involved with David next door?


How can she avoid her mom’s requests that she visit her new baby brother and sister at the coach’s big new house more often? How long will it take Dad to fix or shut down Luna Blu? When they leave this time, will she be able to just vanish from school again, without any goodbyes?



Another great story with heart from Sarah Dessen (402 pages).



Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA


What Happened to Goodbye is only my second Sarah Dessen book. The first, This Lullaby, didn't really wow me....I like this one much better. The students in my library love Sarah Dessen books!! I can see why!What Happened to Goodbye is a story about family, friends, and finding yourself in the midst of a world that changes constantly. McLean's life has been turned upside down by her parent's divorce. Because of the circumstances that lead to the divorce, McLean chooses to live with her father. The one downside of that....he moves about every 6 months, trying to save restaurants that are down and out. Every time McLean and her dad, Gus, move, McLean changes who she is, until they end up in a new town with another restaurant to rescue. McLean has played the part of Lizbeth, Beth, and Eliza. She's played the cheerleader and she's played the dark quiet student. But now, while Gus tries to save Luna Blu, McLean plays the most important role of all, herself.

McLean must figure out how to balance a faltering relationship with her mother, while being the real McLean to a new set of friends that she’ll eventually have to say goodbye to. One of those friends is the nextdoor neighbor genius named Dave. McLean must decide if she’s going to let Dave into her heart, and new friends Riley, Ellis, Heather, and Deb into her life.

While not a terrible realistic work of fiction as a whole, McLean is facing many issues that teens face today, such as divorce, moving, friendship, love, and identity. Dessen has written a wonderful tale that keeps the reader intrigued and rooting for McLean to find a place that she can call home.

Recommended by:  Shawn Lane,  School LIbrarian and School Counselor, Texas USA  



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