Well Done Mommy Penguin

well done mommy pengui

With his vibrant, stylish art and spot-on visual storytelling, Chris Haughton turns to Antarctica for an irresistible ode to family bonds and awesome moms.

“She’ll be back soon, won’t she?” “She sure will,” says Daddy Penguin.

The sky may be dark over icy waters, but Mommy Penguin is off to catch some fish for dinner. As Daddy and Little Penguin watch in suspense, Mommy swims, jumps, and climbs up a slippery slope, barely avoiding a plunge back into the sea. Well done! There's just one more hurdle to overcome, past some grumpy, just-awakened seals, before she returns to her anxiously waiting family. With a nod to the fascinating nature of penguin parenting, this boldly illustrated adventure from the creator of Little Owl Lost and Oh No, George! will have little ones happily on the edge of their seats as they root for Mommy Penguin.---from the publisher

40 pages                                    ‎ 978-1536228656                                       Ages 3-7

Keywords:  penguins, mothers, Antarctica, family life, nature, onomatopoeia, bravery, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old


“Talking 'bout mama

She's one of a kind

Talking 'bout mama

You've got your yours and I've got mine

Talking 'bout mama

Oh, hey mama, hey mama, my heart belongs to you”

— The Intruders (1973)

“‘Mommy is good at climbing,’ says Little Penguin. ‘And she’ll be here very soon now, won’t she?’

‘She sure will,’ says Daddy Penguin.

There’s one last thing. They have to sneak past the sleeping seals…

Shh! Don’t make a sound.

It’s Mommy’s turn. Be very quiet, Mommy.


Most parents and caregivers of young children are well experienced with the childhood trauma of separation anxiety. When is Mommy or Daddy coming back? It’s an important issue!

WELL DONE, MOMMY PENGUIN is a laugh-out-loud tale that portrays a penguin youngster who is nervous about when Mommy is going to return. Little Penguin is with their attentive daddy, but they really want Mommy, and repeatedly asks about her return. Meanwhile, Mommy Penguin is busily engaged in heroics and contortions as she seeks to score a fish with which to feed her anxious child.

Little Penguin is not identified as male or female. They are an every-child who just can’t wait to once again have the security of Mommy there. Little Penguin could be any of us…err…them.

WELL DONE, MOMMY PENGUIN concludes with one of the best punch lines you’ll read in a picture book. I’m cracking up again right now, just thinking about it.

Chris Haughton is a digital artist with a distinctly recognizable and engaging style. I’m fond of his work, having previously written about OH, NO, GEORGE and DON’T WORRY LITTLE CRAB. I think many of his loveable, digitally-rendered characters and spreads would make great wearable art.

As a fan, and as a former childcare professional, I’m excited to recommend WELL DONE, MOMMY PENGUIN.

Recommended by: Richie Partington, MLIS, California USA

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