We Were Liars

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They were rich and glowing and young and beautiful and elite. They were best friends. They were family. They were the Sinclairs.

And they were Liars.

As far back as 17-year-old Cadence Sinclair can remember, she has summered at Beechwood, a remote private island off the coast of Massachusetts, with her extended family. Cady, along with friend-turned-love Gat and cousins Johnny and Mirren, was one of the Liars, the foursome who ruled over Beechwood summer after summer.

As far back as Cady can remember, the foursome existed tangled together with sand and boat rides and stories and stolen kisses. The trouble is, Cady can’t remember very far back anymore.

Something happened in her fifteenth summer at Beechwood—an accident? Something more sinister?—that has shaken the Sinclair clan to its core and virtually erased the whole summer from Cady’s memory. Back on the island after taking a year off, Cady is determined to unravel her own personal mystery. No one will tell her what happened, but too many questions are left unanswered, too many relationships strained for her to sit idly by.
Readers will be enthralled as they follow her on her journey of remembrance, which proves to be a riveting twisty tale that will leave them guessing every step of the way.

Why doesn’t Gat love Cady anymore? Why is the whole family at each other’s throats? How can she separate the truth from the lies? And, most importantly, what happened to her during fateful Summer Fifteen?

240 pages    Ages  14 and up  978-038574126X

Highly recommended. Molly Crumbley, Librarian, Maryland, USA.

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I love the idea of this book, however I did not enjoy the writing style. I found the writing to be somewhat simplistic but engaging. The blunted sentences made the novel fast paced and were age appropriate to the narrator.
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