We Found a Hat


Remember when the fish lost the hat and the other fish got a hat and disappeared into the watery plants?  Welcome back to the land of hats.

Meet the two turtles.  Out in a desert, two turtles come upon a very stylish white possibly ten-gallon hat.  Each has a go at trying the hat on to see how it fits.  Each looks quite handsome with his/her/their new accessory.  The only problem is there is one hat and there are two turtles.  Who should get the hat?

Written in three chapters our heroes discover the hat in chapter one and then ponder their problem in chapter two .  The tension rises as the sun sets.

In the fabulous chapter three things start to get really sticky as clearly one of the turtles has gone bad, taken a turn for the worse, strayed from the good turtle path.

Two turtles and one hat.  A perfectly beautiful sunset.  The potential for trouble lurks under the cover of darkness.  This is a true test of a great friendship.  What a great ending for an endearing and delightful trilogy.

56 pages             978-0763656003             Ages 4-8

Editor's note:  If you have the chance to read all three books to your young audience, you can talk to them about how the critters in the stories start out in one place and end up being able to step into their empathetic powers.

We Found a Hat; I Want My Hat Back: We Found a Hat

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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