Watermelon Seed


Winner of the 2014 Geisel Award

First you learn how to read and then you need to find something you want to read.  If you're one of those young readers who has gotten the hang of a lot of this thing called reading and you're ready for a bonafide story, here comes a barrel of fun.

Forget Dick and Jane and that Cat with the Hat for a minute and allow us to introduce you to crocodile.  Crocodile Loves watermelon. Yes that is Loves with a capital L.  He loves watermelon for breakfast, for lunch and again for dinner.  Bring on the watermelon.  Until... the moment when he swallows a watermelon seed.  Gulp!!!!

Oh no... woe unto this croc... he fears a future in the fruit salad.  What will save him?

Does an emergent/early reader get any better than this?  Nope.

Ages 4-8  978-1423171010   40 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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