Vietnam #3: Free-Fire Zone

Vietnam #3: Free-Fire Zone

Rudi, Morris, Beck and Ivan were best friends in high school. They made a pact that if one did it, they all did it. When Rudi was drafted into the Vietnam War the other three joined up also.

Being in the Marines Rudi was the first to admit that he was the weakest one there. He always had his friends to help him out and pull him through when he was home and in high school but in Vietnam that was not going to happen so Rudi had to learn how to cope. What Rudi did learn was that he was exceptional at following orders. So follow orders he did. He did whatever he was told to do no matter how scared he was or how dangerous it was.

The war was shaping Rudi into a new person – a new man! Numerous times Rudi is thrust into life and death situations. Even with his new found strength will that be enough to keep Rudi alive in the midst of a bloody war?

Each book in this series follows Ivan, Rudi, Morris or Beck as they fight in the Vietnam War. 185 Pages

Recommended by:  Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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i have found this book to be insanely good i could not stop reading this book. i loved how Rudy found what he was good at with out his friends to help him find that. if his friends where there he would of just let them do every thing and he would not of learned what his was good at.

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