Vanishing Acts: A Madison Kincaid Mystery, Book 1

Vanishing Acts: A Madison Kincaid Mystery, Book 1

“Madison Kincaid jolts awake to the sound of a call from the jailhouse. It’s a new case for her father, a renowned defense attorney. Someone has been accused of murdering Madison’s second-grade teacher, but nobody has turned up. Bent on becoming a lawyer just like her dad, Madison is determined to help him solve the case.”

Madison Kincaid has always tried out for the soccer team with her best friend, Ann. But as she enters middle school/junior high, Ann is nowhere to be found. Always one to see a mystery everywhere, Madison is convinced Ann has been kidnapped. She doesn’t have too much time to think about that when her father, a defense attorney, takes on the case of the husband of Madison’s second grade teacher who is accused of murdering his wife. With the help of a new boy in school who is as interested in mysteries as he is in soccer, Madison soon finds enough clues to solve both mysteries. A fast-paced, updated version of Nancy Drew, this is sure to please girls looking for a mystery series with more meat than Nancy Drew and more modern.  Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Recommended by Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania, USA

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