Unremembered (Unremembered Trilogy)


She woke up in a sea of dead people, clinging to a piece of debris.  The only survivor of Flight 121, she was rescued and taken to California.  She can't remember her name, where she lives....nothing.

They dubbed this beautiful girl Violet because of her eyes.  When Violet is finally released from the hospital, Social Services puts her in the care of a foster family, remote from all cameras and hubbub.  Nothing seems to jog her memory...until she meets Lyzender.

Jessica Brody writes an incomparable science fiction book blended with a sense of mystery.  The more you read, the deeper the intrigue becomes, and that is what compels the reader forward.

Ages  12 and up   320 pages   978-0374379919

Editor's note:  great read alike for ADORATION OF JENNA FOX

Trilogy:   Unremembered; Unchanged; Unforgotten

Recommended by:  Naomi Bates, Librarian, Texas USA

See more of her reviews:  www.naomibates.blogspot.com


The only survivor of a plane crash is a sixteen-year-old girl who can’t remember boarding the plane, or anything else about herself either. Unfamiliar with the world around her, Seraphina is taken in by a family who attempts to acclimate her to society. When a strange boy shows up claiming to know her and vowing to take her away, Seraphina is not sure whether to trust him, but he seems to be the key to remembering who she is and where she came from. The suspense immediately pulls you in and the author keeps you guessing until the end. The pacing is quick and there are plenty of twists to keep you hooked!

Recommended by: Carrie Shaurette, Librarian, New York City, New York USA

9781250040022 Ages 13 and up 304 pages

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Beta by Rachel Cohn
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