Unexpected Everything


A girl, her indestructible posse, one summer and a big change in plans are the playing field for this story that sounds like an epic phone con with a group of besties.  

Andie and her father have inhabited the same house for the years since Mom died of cancer but they haven’t seen each other that much and Andie’s dad pretty much passed the parenting baton to a series of interns who covered the minimum and left the rest up to Andie.

Tide’s gone out though.  Andie’s dad is a Congressman caught in a scandal.  Andie knows her part and plays it with aplomb.  She is the loyal daughter, the remaining family member standing in staunch support and helping build the image of integrity and responsibility.  The Congressman is facing the press with his daughter’s implacable face by his side.  But life has handed him quite the curveball and he has decided to step away from politics while the investigation unfolds.  This leaves him time to recognize that he hasn’t been present in Andie’s life and he doesn’t really know his daughter.  

The political scandal has a little more fall out waiting for Andie beyond a Dad with no Blackberry to monitor.  Seems that fabulous summer she has planned has been nixed as she learns her recommendation to a top-notch internship has been rescinded by a “family friend” who no longer feels drawn to support this particular family.  Internship out the window, Andie finds herself at loose ends until she spots an ad for a dog-walking job.

Your well-read mind may be springing ahead in search of the cute guy who will need his dog walked.  Yep, he’s out there waiting for Andie to discover him and he is not your average guy…but you knew that, didn’t you?

See, I told you this was an epic bestie phone con.  

Andie has a great posse of friends who have history together and have bonds that have gotten stronger and tighter over the years.  These ladies and their man/men know each other well and love each other warts and all.

Or do they?  

This is a summer for ….you guessed it…change…and falling in love…and figuring out who you really are.  Just like a big bowl of lime sherbet… a bit tart, some sweet and a flavor to savor!

(Light and romantic with some groping and making out.)

523 pages  Ages 12 and up  


Read alikes:  Books by Sarah Dessen

 Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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