Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart

For those of you who like Sarah Dessen and have students that have read through all of the Dessen books like mine have, then you and your student's will love Melissa Walker's new book that released today, Unbreak My Heart.

Every time I think of the name of this book, I break out in song! Now you will, too!! Remember that catchy love tune by Toni Braxton? 

 I did like this book! As a YA librarian, I'm always looking for a book for the students that have read through all of the teen romance books and are begging for more... and now I have one. This book perfectly connects to today's teens! Clem has made the ultimate mistake and fallen for her BFF's guy, but it wasn't a one sided fall! Being whisked off with her family on their sailboat this summer is just what Clem needs, in more ways than one. As we sail around 'the loop' with Clem and her family, we watch as love blossoms, but also learn how Clem's heart was broken by Ethan and by her BFF.

   I love the style of writing that Walker uses, as she connects us with the past while facing the future! Walker also does a great job with connecting to today's youth and how devastating being "unfriended" can be. There are some other issues in Unbreak My Heart, aside from the main story line, so this book does go deeper than an "on the surface" love story.

   I'll definitely be adding this to my library shelves and will be looking for much more from Melissa C. Walker. 

I recommend for grades 8 and up. There is some language.  240 pages   Four out of five stars

Recommended by: Mrs. Shawn Lane, Librarian, Texas, USA

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