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two dogs ian falconer

Oh goody! Ian Falconer has wandered off from the wonderful world of pigs named Olivia and discovered another world - this time it's the world inhabited by two dogs - Augie and Perry.

It will ring a bit familiar if you have a dog or two. The puppy came home and everyone played with it. Then it grew up and everyone went off to work so the puppy - now a full blown dog - stays home all day, alone and bored. And then.....

Enter Augie and Perry. We all know how bored children and bored dogs can find enough trouble to get into to make the boring go away and Augie and Perry are masters of this. Perry knows that if he steals Augie's ball it will be very, very fun. At least for one of them. In return Augie knows that if he retaliates by "playing" the piano it will be very, very fun. At least for one of them.

But how long can you bother your pal? About as long as it takes you to remember that out the back door is the great wide outdoors filled with possibilities. Which is exactly where this story takes off.

Ahhh...the joy of exploring, of risk, of trying new things... together.

Childhood needs this book. It's fun. It's smart. It has two hilarious dogs who are here to give us some big laughs and reassure us that children's books can be for children and for childhood. Head out into the world and have some fun- just don't forget to get your cover story together before the parents arrive on the scene.

Thank you Ian Falconer.

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,


From Ian Falconer, Caldecott Honor winner and #1 New York

Times bestselling creator of the Olivia series, comes a dashingly delightful picture book about two unforgettable dachshunds and their search for fun!

Dachshund brothers Perry and Augie are home alone and desperately want to get outside and have a good time. Augie is the cautious one, the worrier; Perry is pure joy and excitement. When they finally manage to open the back door, mischievous adventures begin! Soon they’re diving into the swimming pool, digging an enormous hole, and more! Will all return to normal before their owners come home?

This witty and utterly heartwarming story plays perfectly off the exquisite illustrations. These are Ian Falconer’s first all-new characters since Olivia, and Two Dogs is sure to equally capture the hearts of readers everywhere.

Perfect for fans of imaginative dog books like Bark, George and A Ball for Daisy!---from the publisher

40 pages                              978-0062954473                                    Ages 4-8

Keywords:  dogs, humor, fun, adventure, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old


“‘How can we open the door?!’

Perry started barking at the lock.

That didn’t work.

‘Stop jumping, Perry. I’ll do it.

Augie neatly flipped the lock.

First thing they did was water the mother’s new flowers.

They found some raccoon poop and happily rolled around in it.“

Can you believe it’s now 22 years since OLIVIA–Ian Falconer’s pig character that grew into a TV show–burst onto the publishing scene? Falconer’s latest out-of-this-world picture book is a blast!

TWO DOGS brings to life a pair of fun-loving dachshunds named Perry and Augie. One day, the pair figure out how to escape the house in which they are always stuck while the humans are all off at work and school. (Augie stands up on his hind legs, atop Perry’s back, and unlocks the back door.) They proceed to use the swings, the seesaw, and–yes–the pool. Then they have themselves a grand dig. Eventually, when they hear the car arriving home, they lock themselves back inside and fool the mother with an award-winning act that actually earns them treats!

You’ve got to see the expressions on the faces of these two canine jokesters. Falconer captures the doggedness of the pair while portraying Augie as the generally-more-apprehensive mutt while Perry is the all over the place one.

I can’t wait for more adventures featuring this dog-namic duo.

Recommended by: Richie Partington, MLIS, California USA

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