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Random House, Sept. 2009
Good for Reluctant Readers?
Part of a Series
Science Curriculum

Has it ever rained fish on your town? Have you ever hidden in a closet during a tornado and opened the door when it was over to find the rest of your house was missing? Tornadoes are one of the strongest forces on Earth. Sometimes they pick up a house or a car and once a tornado picked up a carton of eggs and carried it for miles to a spot where it gently set the eggs down, unbroken. What makes a tornado? Why does the U.S. have more tornadoes than anywhere else in the world? This is an exciting, informative book that's perfect for those young readers who like a bit of intensity and excitement in their books. There's information on hurricanes and scientists as well. Step Into Reading, Step 3, Reading On Your Own. 48 pages

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