Turtle in Paradise

Turtle in Paradise

Eleven-year-old Turtle is on her way to Key West and her mother's sister, Aunt Minnie. It's 1935 and Turtle's mother just got a job as a housekeeper which is good in these tough times but the down side is that the lady who is hiring her does not like children. So, even though they are torn, at having to separate, Turtle is headed south and is about to find herself in the middle of a large, chaotic family all of whom have strange nicknames. Buddy who is a moment away from peeing on himself most of the time, Beans who runs a Diaper Gang, Kermit who can't run because of a bad heart, and Pork Chop are not particularly thrilled to see her but they all manage. Turtle has a very sharp tongue and a very hard shell. Her dream is to live in a small but charming home called The Bellewood with her mother and possibly, Archie, her mother's salesman boyfriend. As time passes, Turtle begins to meet more Key West residents and finds to her surprise that she has a grandmother and even possibly a father within arm's reach. Is there really a treasure to be found? Has she come home? Do dreams really come true? At the ripe old age of eleven, Turtle is learning some hard lessons and holding herself close. If you loved The Little Rascals, you'll fall in love with this set of characters and their shenanigans. 208 pages Ages 9-12

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There were parts of this story that I enjoyed and some parts not as much. The kids made me laugh and I love all the Florida references.....but I did not care for the ending.
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