Turtle and Snake Fix It

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Turtle and Snake Fix It

Spring has arrived and Turtle is all ready to take on the things that need to be spruced up and mended. Donning his extremely manly (or perhaps turtlely) tool belt, his hard hat and his work boots (Bob the Builder has nothing on Turtle), Turtle heads over to his friend Snake's house. He has come to fix things and patient friend Snake points him to project after project to ply his skills such as they are. The tilted shelf, the chair with one short leg, and even the closet door become the object of Turtle's attentions. Where the shelf tilted to the left, it now tilts attractively to the right and the chair now has four shorter legs if you get my drift. Good old Snake takes it all in stride and thanks Turtle for his help. This is a great pick for kids who are fascinated by the power and magic of a tool belt and a good laugh. Great fun! 28 pages Ages 4-7

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