True Gift: A Christmas Story

True Gift:  A Christmas Story

"White cow stood alone in the meadow. Her eyes were sad, though she might not have known what sad was. She looked down the road searching for something." The sense of loneliness reaches out from the page in the book and you wonder what's coming next. But, this is Patricia MacLachlan we're talking about so you know it's going to be great and it is.

This is a touching story of a brother and a sister who have gone to their grandparents in December to wait for Christmas Day. Liam, the little brother, is an amazingly sensitive boy who understands that the cow in the field, White Cow, has feelings and that someone needs to do something about the fact that she is all alone. His worrying bothers his sister until bit by bit, she joins him in his caring. This is a great read aloud for bedtime or on Christmas Eve or any time.

The gentle concern of Liam gives you hope and with every turn of the page you wonder how he's going to overcome the obstacles, and you appreciate his courage and his determination to make the world right.   Ages  7-10

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