Trial By Fire (Raised By Wolves, Book 2)

Trial By Fire (Raised By Wolves, Book 2)

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Egmont April 2012

Trial by Fire (Book 2) continues this fascinating story. In fact, the second book is my favorite. I could not stop reading once I turned the first page. Fair warning: don't open this book unless you have a few hours to read it cover to cover! Old enemies deliver strange packages and send cryptic messages. When a teen wolf shows up broken and bleeding and between shifting back to his human form, Bryn knows it is the work of Shay, her arch-rival and Alpha male of another pack. He’s been gunning for Bryn for a long time, and she knows she will have to face him and defeat him if she is to keep her own pack safe and free. New characters are introduced and new threats move into the pack’s sphere—a threat that may take them all down.  Ages  14 and up  384 pages  978-1606843338

Recommended by: Pamela Thompson, Librarian, Texas USA

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