Trauma Queen

Trauma Queen

Moving? Mom doesn’t realize how hard it is for 13 year-old Mari to leave behind her best friend and start over. Again! Or that “pajama day” was last week, not on Mari’s first day at her new junior high school. Or how her “performance art” embarrasses Marigold and little sister Kennedy – Mom on stage, covered in plastic wrap or rollerblading to Swan Lake? Well, at least this town isn’t too far from where Dad lives (when he’s not roaming the world with his camera).

Arriving in the middle of a feud between the popular girls is awful. Helping Mom with the dog-walking business is okay, and a cute boy looks past the crazy pajamas episode to be friendly. Oops! Popular Jada says that Ethan is “hers” – Mari isn’t sure if Ethan agrees with that claim…

When Mom volunteers to lead an afterschool improv drama club, Marigold is convinced that they’ll be forced out of town again for her crazy behavior. And now Dad wants to introduce a “special friend” to Mari and Kennedy! Why can’t Mom listen to Mari and stay away from her school? Is Marigold going to grow up before her own mother? Umm, is Marigold the only un-creative person in her family?

Funny and realistic, Trauma Queen is 246 pages of life itself – ups, downs, and more than a touch of zaniness.

Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA

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