Scotty thinks it is just another New England winter day in school. His first basketball game is that night and he is a sophomore playing on varsity and he is pumped up and ready to play. What starts out as a typical snow storm soon turns in to near blizzard conditions. The students are sent home early, but by then the roads are almost snowed in.

Scotty and his friends Jason and Pete had made arrangements to stay after school to work on a go kart. As time wore on they knew their ride home wasn’t going to make it. With one teacher and 4 other students, they are trapped at school during the worst nor’easter the United States has ever seen.

The teacher goes for help and never returns. The students are left to take care of themselves thinking it will all pass by the next morning. Being stranded in the school overnight soon turns into a survival for life. The power goes out, the water pipes freeze, the roof caves in, the snow is only a few feet under the 2nd floor windows and almost a week has gone by. Eating food from the cafeteria and using cans for bathrooms they try to survive the best they know how.

As Scotty narrates this story right up front he says, “Not all of us makes it.” While reading this book you can’t help but think about who will die and how, and also what “I” would do if I was in the situation.

A thought-provoking book that leaves many storylines unfinished yet you don’t feel like you need to know the answers.

Recommended by Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho, USA

Editor's Note:  BLIZZARD by Jim Murphy is a non-fiction title that pairs well with this book...suggested by Naomi Bates.

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