Touchdown Trouble

Touchdown Trouble



The Story: Sam loves playing for the Cowboys. His teammates always pull together and play to win. Their effort pays off big-time when they beat their arch rival in a hard-fought game. But their celebration doesn’t last long. Sam makes a discovery that threatens their victory and their team spirit. Can Sam keep the Cowboys together or will his discovery destroy the team?


The History: In 1940, Cornell University beat Dartmouth College in a hard-fought football game. But Cornell’s celebration didn’t last long; something wasn’t right in that game either. Then the Cornell players made a decision that earned them the title “Men of Honor.” Read about that game in the bonus history chapter of Touchdown Trouble!


Ah, the gray areas of life. Sam has some decisions to make about how he chooses to live his life. Will he be okay with the little lies or the maybe stealing? What are the things that really matter? Is it being undefeated or is it acting with integrity and dignity? Sam plays runningback on a really good football team and they're pretty close to having an undefeated season. In fact, they beat their arch rival? Or do they? If you find out the truth, what are you willing to give up? To gain? 126 pages

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