Touch the Earth: A Multimedia Book about the Earth's Biomes

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Touch the Earth:  A Multimedia Book about the Earth's Biomes

What's a biome and what kind of biomes exist on our different continents? There are books out there that answer those questions but they don't offer a tactile experience like this one. Each continent is constructed of different patterns that you can feel with your fingers. A blind child can read the braille text and run his or her fingers over the continents to feel the different biomes. Forest has diagonal raised lines and agriculture has yellow raised circles. All of the continents are explored and there are lists of website resources for teachers connected to each part of the world. National Science Education Standards are listed in charts at the back of the book. This is a great book for all children with the tactile experience of the geography but is especially designed for those who are physically challenged. There are two dvd's included with American Sign Language as well as audio. 69 pages

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