Torrent (River of Time, book 3)

Torrent (River of Time, book 3)

Traveling back in time, the Betarrini family hopes that they're not too late to save their friends in 14th century Tuscany. Bringing Dad with them is an unexpected blessing, but being separated from Marcello is causing Gabi such anguish and pain!

Once again, Gabi and Lia exit the ancient Etruscan tomb into a battle zone - this time they may have the upper hand as the Forellis have left weapons hidden for them. Ah, Castello Forelli has been rebuilt, but over it fly the flags of the treacherous Lord Paratore who started the border wars! Traveling the backways by night, the Betarrinis hope to find safety and information in the city.

How happy the people of Siena are to see that the battling Ladies Betarrini have returned to them from their mysterious travels! How delighted handsome young knight Marcello is to have Gabi back in his arms! How wonderful to see that his election to The Nine is benefiting the people of the region through Marcello's able decisionmaking.

But how sad the sisters are to discover that Fortino Forelli is a captive of Lord Paratore, being tortured despite all offers of ransom from his brother.

Can the She-Wolves of Siena help rescue the lord of Castello Forelli while keeping Gabi safe from Paratore's bitter desire for revenge? Is Lord Greco still a double-agent for Siena, or has he decided that Florence will win the war? Will the Betarrini family stay in the 1300s, knowing that the Black Plague is coming - or will Gabi be taken away from Marcello forever?

Swordplay, expert archery, the rough road to Rome, narrow escapes, and the power of true love - you won't want to miss this thrilling sequel to Waterfall (#1) and Cascade (#2)! Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA


  1. Gabi, Lia and their mom have successfully traveled back in time to just before their father died. They convince their father to time travel with them back to 14th century Italy where Lord Marcello Fiorelli and his cousin Luca are waiting their return. When they arrive they find that 15 months have passed and the contention between Siena and Florence is still going strong. It seems like the wars and battles are never going to stop. When Gabi and Marcello are separated and Gabi is being forced to marry another man Gabi fights for everything she loves. Finally reunited and hoping to marry soon another battle is just beginning. This time her whole family is with her in medieval Italy and they have to make that ultimate decision. Do we want to go back to present time or do we want to stay in 14th century Italy? In book #3 it seems like there is one battle after another. As the story comes to a close and you watch Gabi and her family fight the enemy there are times that you just can’t fathom them having that much skill and strength. Sometimes leaving the story to be a little bit unbelievable. But the rest of the story overpowers those thoughts and you can’t wait to finish the book to see how the series will end. A good clean Christian fiction series to read!

  1. Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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