Torn Away


Jersey Cameron has lived her whole life in the mid-west town of Elizabeth, Missouri. She has seen countless storms and has heard countless tornado sirens but is never worried. They happen all the time – nothing will happen in Elizabeth! Until one day when she is home alone the storm comes and the sirens start.

This can’t be real, her mother and sister Marin are at the dance studio, her stepfather is probably on his way home from work – she’s all alone! Jersey survives but her mother and sister do not. Ronnie her stepfather finally shows up but is so guilt ridden and filled with grief that he can hardly function so he sends Jersey to live with her biological father who abandoned her when she was a baby.

Now in her paternal grandparents home with her biological father, partying stepmother, her two wicked step sisters, her grandparents and other family members, no one hides that she is not wanted and while there has to sleep on an old sofa on the porch, is made to wash all the dishes and continually receives abusive treatment.

After running away she finds herself living with her maternal grandparents. Jersey has heard nothing but hateful things about them and has learned to hate them herself. But as each day passes slowly Jersey realizes that maybe her mother wasn’t perfect, maybe she didn’t always tell her the truth. Maybe her grandparents aren’t the people her mother saw even though they made their own mistakes. Moving forward one step at a time Jersey slowly begins to find a little peace but knows it will be a lifelong challenge. 276 pages          ISBN:9780316245531            Ages 14 and up

Recommended by :Joleen Waltman Media Generalist Aberdeen, Idaho

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