Tokyo Ever After

tokyo ever after

The New York Times bestseller and Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine YA Book Club Pick! Emiko Jean’s Tokyo Ever After is the “refreshing, spot-on” (Booklist, starred review) story of an ordinary Japanese American girl who discovers that her father is the Crown Prince of Japan

Izumi Tanaka has never really felt like she fit in―it isn’t easy being Japanese American in her small, mostly white, northern California town. Raised by a single mother, it’s always been Izumi―or Izzy, because “It’s easier this way”―and her mom against the world. But then Izumi discovers a clue to her previously unknown father’s identity…and he’s none other than the Crown Prince of Japan. Which means outspoken, irreverent Izzy is literally a princess.

In a whirlwind, Izumi travels to Japan to meet the father she never knew and discover the country she always dreamed of. But being a princess isn’t all ball gowns and tiaras. There are conniving cousins, a hungry press, a scowling but handsome bodyguard who just might be her soulmate, and thousands of years of tradition and customs to learn practically overnight.

Izumi soon finds herself caught between worlds, and between versions of herself―back home, she was never “American” enough, and in Japan, she must prove she’s “Japanese” enough. Will Izumi crumble under the weight of the crown, or will she live out her fairy tale, happily ever after?---from the publisher

336 pages                                      978-1250766601                                   Ages 12 and up  (language)

Keywords:  romantic comedy, romance, princess, finding yourself, friends, father/daughter, Asia, 12 year old, 13 year old, 14 year old, royalty

Sequel:   Tokyo Dreaming


Izumi, or Zoom Zoom as she is known to friends and family, has grown up as the daughter of a single mom who teaches botany at a local college. She doesn't have major goals.  She isn't headed to an Ivy League school after graduation.  She doesn't have a love of her life.  She does have a great mom and three great friends who are incredibly supportive and amazingly hilarious.  With friends like Glory, Hasani and Noora you are set for life.  Well, you think you are set for life until you do a little snooping - or your friend does - and she stumbles on a truth.

It's a huge truth - she has found the man who is your father.  The man who you never knew and now it turns out he's a Crown Prince  - of Japan- and that means... well, we all know....that means you Ms. Izumi are a princess.

When her father finds out she exists, Izumi's life changes.  She is whisked to Japan, followed by protocol experts, watched by the social media and guarded by Akio - a very, very cute guy.  She struggles with the Shining Sisters - two cousins who could be the original stepsisters - and little by little, day by day, finds herself falling for her bodyguard.

This is an absolute romp with the wittiest friends ever and the dream come true potential hanging out there.  Can Izumi find true love in Japan?  Will her mother fall back in love with her father?  Which culture will call Izumi back home?

Delightful and peppered with fabulous secondary characters without whom life would not be the same.  Loved it.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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