Titanic Sinks!

Titanic Sinks!

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Viking 2011
Science Curriculum

Titanic Sinks! is an incredibly interesting read made so by author Barry Denenberg’s use of a fictionalized journalist, S. F. Vanni as the narrator. The character Vanni’s reports on the Titanic’s maiden voyage as he travels along on the ill-fated ship are pitch perfect. In addition, the book’s format mimics journals of the period, allowing liberal use of authentic photographs. (In a section of author’s notes, Denenberg reveals that all the photographs used are of the Titanic itself and not its sister ship Olympia.) This graphic intense presentation combined with Vanni’s journal entries draws the reader into the drama of the tragic voyage. The 100th anniversary of the Titanic ‘s sinking is coming up in April of 2012. This book is a most fitting reflection on the loss of life and ship and humankind’s unsinkable hubris. Recommended by Kate Stehman, Librarian Pennsylvania USA

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