Thunder Birds

Thunder Birds

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Sterling, April 2011
Science Curriculum

These are nature's flying predators in all their power and majesty. Bring the amazing presence of these giants to children just by opening the flap. Would you want to meet an osprey eye to eye? What a great book to use for making comparisons. Owls, vultures, eagles, herons and egrets are large predator birds we usually see from afar. Imagine what it would be like to hold an eagle on your arm. Imagine what it must be like to be the owl swooping soundlessly through the night unseen by its prey until the last minute. As Jim Arnosky describes it, "At night in the forest, while I was taking photos of owls, one of the big birds swooped down toward me from behind, lightly brushing my head with its wings. I felt it and then I saw it, but I never heard it coming." Page after page of fabulous pictures of the birds and facts about the species and their habitat. Let's get our kids back outside to experience the thrills.  Ages  6 and up  32 pages  ISBN:  978-1402756610

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