Thunder Girls, Book 1: Freya and the Magic Jewel

Thunder Girls, Book 1:  Freya and the Magic Jewel

From the authors of the Goddess Girls series comes the first book in a brand-new series steeped in Norse mythology, magic, adventure, and friendship.

“Gold and Gullveig I cannot see. But here is a vision that comes to me; Adventure for you is about to start. Near Asgard you must find the heart. A Secret world there hides away, which holds the power to stop doomsday!”

When eleven-year-old Freya hears that prophecy from her magical jewel, she isn’t sure what to make of it. Doomsday? She will find the key? Mere seconds after that prediction, she receives a mysterious invitation to Asgaard Academy from the powerful Odin, who commands her to “bring her magic” to Asgard.

With encouragement from her twin, Frey, Freya reluctantly heads out on their new adventure. And Freya’s first challenge begins before she even steps foot in Asgard. While trying to navigate the treacherous BiFrost Bridge, she drops her magical jewel off the bridge, and a sneaky pair of dwarves take her jewel down to the world of Midgard!

Without that jewel, Freya thinks she is powerless. But with the help of her pod-mates at Asgaard, Freya discovers a world that is bigger and more mysterious that she ever imagined! There, she learns the true terror that Ragnarok—the doomsday her jewel warned her about—could mean for Asgard Academy if she and her new friends, the Thunder Girls, don’t stop it!--from the publisher

272 pages   978-1481496407    Ages 8-12


Freya is all set to start the new school year in Vanaheim as student body president and super-popular girl, so is a bit distraught when she is told that she and her twin brother, Frey, are being sent to Asgard Academy. They are invited personally by Odin, who is hoping to restore peace to the Nine Worlds after the war between the Aesir and the Vanir.

There really isn't any choice, so she and Frey pack up their belongings and make the long trek to Asgard. Freya has some magical powers, but they are all tied to a jewel she carries called Brising. As she is entering the school grounds, the jewel slips from her grasp and is stolen by the dwarfs in Darkalfheim. She doesn't want anyone to know, especially since Odin and Mrs. Frigg call her to the office the very first day to meet with her.

Freya's days are busy with all of her new friends, and she meets other gods like Loki, who is never up to any good. Her roommates are all supportive, but it is hard getting used to a new school, living with giants (even if they normally shrink themselves down), and dealing with the adoration of so many boys. Can Freya manage to get her jewel back and have a successful career at Asgard Academy with her group of Thunder girls?

Strengths: Freya has a positive attitude even though she doesn't want to go to a whole new world. She manages to make friends even while dealing with the loss of her jewel. The mythology is well explained, and the gods and goddesses true to the original portrayals, with a middle grade friendly twist. The covers are bright and colorful, so these will sell themselves to young readers who like magic or fairy stories, and can never have a series long enough to suit them.

Weaknesses: I like my mythology told in a more serious way, but my readers will enjoy the fashion and frivolity. What I really think: I have a good collection of Greek and Roman mythology books, but struggle to find Norse title, so will probably purchase this series.

Recommended by: Karen Yingling, Library Media Specialist, Ohio USA

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