Three French Hens

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Three French Hens

When three French hens are ordered for the true love, Philippe Renard, unfortunately it rains and the hens are lost in the shuffle. They take matters into their own hands and find Phil Fox in the phone book. Now Phil Fo does not have a true love, a true friend or even a morsel to eat. He has a cockroach and that's about it. When the three French hens show up on his doorstep, he sees breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the hens are full of good intentions and warm feelings and they take turns fixing Phil a bath, decorating his home and cooking him up some French delicacies. One by one Phil sees his chicken dinners disappearing. How could he saute someone who gave him a manicure? Eventually he confesses and the hens charmingly assure him he is their new best ami. Full of French words and holiday fun as the hens turn out to be kosher. Everyone celebrates Christmas and Chanukah together.

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