Those That Wake

Those That Wake

New York City has been able to bounce back from many hardships, but it can’t seem to recover from Big Black, a terrorist attack which has sucked the life out of the city and its inhabitants. People on the street don’t seem to know or care who caused the massive attack, and they are content to numbly stare at their cell phones for serenity and entertainment.

Mal finds himself caught in the middle of this strange world when he receives a late-night call from his brother asking for help, but when Mal tries to track him down, it appears he has disappeared. Laura is an over-achieving high school student who has her life mapped out until her parents, her friends, and even her school administration claim to have no memory of her existence.

When Mal and Laura embark on a mission to find Mal’s brother and determine what has happened to Laura’s parents, they uncover a much deeper situation. They must try and solve the mystery of what has happened to the city before the ones they love are lost forever.

Although this science fiction story has a slow start, it allows the reader to carefully pull together the puzzle one piece at a time. This thought-provoking novel is for kids who are willing to suspend their disbelief in order to speculate about what kind of future may await us. 336 pages Ages 14 and up

Recommended by Carrie Shaurette, Librarian

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