This Moose Belongs to Me

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Wilfred has always wanted a pet, so when a moose just happens to cross his path, Wilfred decides to take ownership of him and name him Marcel. Marcel could be a really good pet, if only he would follow Wilfred’s rules, such as rule 7: “going whichever way Wilfred wants to go.”

After breaking this rule and leading Wilfred on a particularly long walk, the pair stumble upon a woman that thinks she is the true owner of the moose.

Without his moose’s guidance, Wilfred will have to find his own way home and contemplate whether he ever really owned Marcel after all.

Jeffers’ stunning artwork leads the reader on a journey through a beautiful mountainous forest. While the text shows Wilfred to be in charge, the illustrations cleverly show the moose as a creature with a mind of his own.

This thoughtful story about the unpredictability of pets and whether we ever really own them is humorous and feels authentic. While younger readers will appreciate the story of Wilfred and his rules for the moose, older children will be able to engage in a more serious discussion about ownership.

ISBN 9780399161032  ages 3-8

Recommended by: Carrie Shaurette, New York City Librarian, New York USA

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