This Is Not a Book

this is not a book kellie byrnes

In this fun-filled, action-packed picture book, our main character is quite convinced they’re not in a book. After all, if this was a book, there’d be pages to turn … Oops! We’ve just turned the page.

But that’s not conclusive proof this is a book. If it was a book, there’d be interesting settings and problems to solve. Hold on! Why is our lead character being chased by a lion? Why are pirates stealing treasure? And are those mermaids playing in a rock band?

This is NOT a Book! is the perfect introduction for kids to how a book is structured and how to tell a good story. It’s metafiction made fun!---from the publisher

32 pages                              978-1925820508                             Ages 5-8

Keywords:  storytelling, creative writing, books, Language Arts Curriculum, fun, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old


In this brightly illustrated book. the main character is convinced they’re not in a book How can they be when they are real?  After all, if this were a book, there’d be pages to turn … Oops! We’ve turned the page. But that’s not proof this is a book.

Even if there are pages to turn, there would be things happening and there would be a focus and other characters, a distinct time period and exciting settings, action to be involved in, problems to solve . yet, to him, there is nothing happening, despite what is being portrayed in the illustrations.

it is one of four books from this publisher - the others are The Art of Words  The Leaky Story and My Storee - that focus on metafiction, helping young readers become young writers. Told by the main character (who is deliberately not identified by gender) in a monologue, the text in this story says one thing whilst in the illustrations the opposite is happening, showing that all the elements  the character says should be in a book -main and subsidiary characters, settings, plots, problems, resolutions and so forth - are actually there.

This is a novel way to help children turn their ideas into written stories to share with others and teachers' notes are available.

Recommended by: Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, New South Wales AUSTRALIA

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