They Never Came Back

They Never Came Back

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Delacorte, 2010
Character-Building Curriculum

At the age of 10, Cathy was separated from her parents and relatives and put into foster care after her parents fled the country to avoid being arrested for embezzling from investment funds. Now Cathy who has changed her name to Murielle and is now 15 is waiting to see if her parents will return to claim their daughter; will Cathy/Murielle find out who she really is?

Her troubles get even more complicated when a classmate suspects she is his cousin, Murielle and others begin to question her identity. At the same time the FBI thinks she just might be the bait they need to lure her criminal parents back into the country. Intrigue all around.

200 pages.

Recommended by Barbara Fiehn, Assistant Professor, Western Kentucky University

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