The Slice: Killer Pizza, Book Two

The Slice: Killer Pizza, Book Two

This second book in the "Killer Pizza" series continues to deliver fast paced action and spooky adventures. In the first book in the series, 14 year old Toby Magill gets a summer job flipping dough at Killer Pizza, only to learn that the popular and successful food chain is actually a cover for a secret monster-hunting operation. Although not the job for which they applied, Toby and his two co-workers move from making pizza to combat training as they join the monster hunting part of the operation. In this second book in the series, they are assigned to a mission when a young member of a barely known monster race called the dekayi contacts Monster Pizza asking for asylum and placement into their Monster Protection Program. The three young monster hunters take on the job of both protecting the young dekayi, a 14 year old girl with serpent-like abilities, and teaching her how to blend into modern society. The job is complicated by the fact that she is being pursued by members of the dekayi community, who have chosen her to be a sacrifice at their upcoming religious festival, and they will stop at nothing to get her back. It takes all the groups’ courage, skill, and creativity to deal with Calanthe’s metamorphosis, and the monsters that pursue her.

This is a funnily frightful high-action adventure romp. The main characters are well developed, and each has a distinctive personality, that blends to make the trio an effective monster-fighting group. Interactions among the characters, and the development of Calanthe's personality offer some subtle humor. Descriptions of the monsters and the monster hunting are creepy, and there is some violence, but no over the top gore. The non-stop action sequencing keeps readers moving through the plot, and leads to a satisfying conclusion. A good choice for reader’s who enjoyed, but have now outgrown, the Goosebumps series.

352 pages

Ages  10-13

ISBN: 978-0312580889

Reviewed by:  Linda Lucke, Learning Center Director, Illinois, USA

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