Thelma the Unicorn


Ahhh...celebrity.  So many people seem in search of fame.  How can they be special and have thousands if not millions of people telling them how great they are.

Thelma, a darlingly plump horse, has a dream.  She yearns to be a unicorn.  Being a unicorn would make all her dreams come true.

One day Thelma spies a carrot on the ground and she gets a great idea.  She'll attach the carrot to her forehead and she'll look just like a unicorn.  Add some sparkles and some truly fab sunglasses et voilá - Thelma the Unicorn is born.

Will her dreams come true?  Will she get everything she wants and needs from the admiration of others?

With television and marketing professionals feeding the illusion of self-worth as a reflection of someone's external image, this book is sorely needed.  Hopefully many important conversations will be born as the past page of this story is turned.  After all, you can't buy your identity. No store is selling your self-worth.  You need to love who you are on the inside...that's when the magic begins.

32 pages   978-1338158427    Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Thelma dreams of being a glamorous unicorn. Then in a rare pink and glitter-filled moment of fate, Thelma's wish comes true.

She rises to instant international stardom, but at an unexpected cost. After a while, Thelma realizes that she was happier as her ordinary, sparkle-free self. So she ditches her horn, scrubs off her sparkles, and returns home, where her best friend is waiting for her with a hug.

From award-winning author Aaron Blabey comes this joyful book about learning to love who you are...even if you don't have sparkles.--from the publisher

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