The Hurt

The Hurt

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Paulist Press, January 1983
Character-Building Curriculum

What do you do with those great big feelings that just get bigger and bigger and bigger when you don't let them out? This is a great, and I mean really great, book for kids to understand how to deal with their feelings. In this story a young boy gets his feelings hurt when a friend calls him a name...not a nice name. We watch as the hurt feelings grow and grow and grow until they take up so much space there is barely any room for young Justin. His feelings have all the space. But, if he takes a chance, and risks, and talks to his dad about his feelings they begin to shrink and don't have the power over him that they did when he kept them locked inside. Perfect for children who are dealing with anger, grief, or any other difficult emotion. It really is a wonderful tool and should be in every library and on every home bookshelf. Ages 4-adult 32 pages

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