The Hanging Hill: A Haunted Mystery

The Hanging Hill: A Haunted Mystery

“Zack, here is my predicament. My careless grandfather erected his tavern on top of what had previously been Hangman’s Hill.  Never a bright idea, eh?  For years, we have lived here…maintaining a fragile equilibrium. Now, some rather greedy mortals have arrived.  That is why we are so thrilled you are here, Demon Slayer!”  Zack dared to look.

 After his adventures at the Crossroads, Zack Jennings is looking forward to his three weeks at The Hanging Hill Playhouse, where stepmother Judy’s Curiosity Cat books are being made into a musical.  Little does Zack know when they start on this journey, that the Hanging Hill, like all theatres, has its own set of resident ghosts.  From their late night arrival, to the readings of the play, things are not quite what they seem.  The only bright side in this trip: Meghan McKenna, the twelve-year-old actress who also sees ghosts.  As the full moon approaches, Zack and Meghan, as well as Zack’s stepmother Judy, find they have a full house of ghosts to deal with as well as an ancient cult whose plans include unleashing demons.  The short chapters make this book move quickly along. 

322 pages

ISBN: 9780375847004

Recommended by Alice L. Cyphers, Librarian and Reading Specialist, Pennsylvania, USA


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