The Fine Art of Truth and Dare

The Fine Art of Truth and Dare

Ella attends the Willing School on scholarship where she is invisible to most people. Frankie and Sadie are her best friends and she has fallen in love with Edward Willing a 19th century painter (who is dead) and has his picture hanging in her bedroom.

Ella loves her two friends and doesn’t mind being invisible, actually she likes it that way. But what happens when you fall in love with the most popular and cutest guy in the school and who has way more money than you do? Not only that, but he ends up being your French tutor and tutoring goes way beyond French.

Ella’s family is Italian and owns a restaurant, where you get to know her family and how great they are -- even if they do not have much money. What will happen when Alex meets her family and does she want him to?

Can a nobody who is in school on a scholarship actually catch a boy like Alex Bainbridge or is Ella dreaming beyond anything she can ever really have? Could Edward Willing, who is dead, help her understand things a little better? 400 pages

Recommended by Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho, USA

Editor's Note: Reviewer recommends this book for ages 12 and up.

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