The Family Hitchcock

The Family Hitchcock

“Why was the Elevator Man following them? What did he want? Worse, why didn’t his family believe him?  As the driver moved from the curb, Benji glanced out the back window.  There was no one following. They had escaped – for now.  But from who?”

When the Hitchcocks swap houses with the Vadims of Paris, France, they think they are in for the perfect relaxing European vacation.  Until on the plane, sister Maddy informs little brother Benji that she believes their parents are headed for divorce, and since their parents barely stop arguing, it seems to be true. Then Benji spots a strange man watching them as the travel up the stairs to the Vadim's apartment, and things don’t quite add up.  After Maddy finds the Vadim's daughter’s diary (and reads it) and the Hitchcocks take the Vadim's tickets to the Opera, things become more mysterious.  Soon the Hitchcocks are on the run and the vacation is a disaster.  Will they be able to make it back to Chicago?  This fast-paced adventure leaves the reader wondering if the Hitchcocks will ever go on another family vacation again!

288 pages

ISBN: 978-0061893940

Recommended by: Alice L. Cyphers, Librarian and Reading Specialist, Pennsylvania, USA

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