The Death Cure: The Maze Runner Trilogy, Book Three

The Death Cure: The Maze Runner Trilogy, Book Three

Thomas and his friends Newt, Brenda, Jorge & Minho have survived through the maze and the scorch trials and are now facing the biggest trials and tests of their life. WICKED wants Thomas because he is the key to their experiment being a success but Thomas does not trust them no matter what he is told.

When WICKED captures them and wants to give them their memoires back Thomas and his friends know that they are just pawns to help WICKED come up with a cure for the pandemic Flare disease. Some want their memoires back and others don’t. Thomas chooses not to have his memory restored but as time goes by he is remembering more and more on his own.

They escape to Denver only to see the Flare take over the population and watch as their friend Newt becomes sicker and sicker with the Flare. As things fall apart in Denver which is now a walled city to help protect the uninfected and the immune they are on the run again and never know for sure who they can trust.

Did Thomas used to believe in WICKED before his memory was taken away? Did he really help them set up the trials to help find a blueprint for the cure? Whatever Thomas believed before he doesn’t trust WICKED now.

As Thomas and his friends battle it out with WICKED the action stays constant and intense right up to the end of the book.

This is book #3 of the Maze Runner Trilogy and I would suggest that you read them in order.  336 pages

ISBN:  978-0385738774

Reviewed by:  Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho, USA

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(Updated: May 13, 2013)
Why i liked this book is because Thomas does not trust Taresa because she betrayed him in The Scorch Trials. It was apart of the blue print wicked was making. The book has alot of action and mystery that I like about it.
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