The Boy Project

The Boy Project

Kara McAllister has decided to change her image. When she went into the closet with Chip Tyler on New Year's Eve in a game of spin the bottle, all she got was a handshake. She's made pie charts and graphs and the result is always the same- she, Kara, is the only girl in her class who has never had a boyfriend.

Determined to change her status, Kara is going to apply scientific method and get a herself a guy. She starts by observing the male species in her school and collecting data on each one. Is he available? Where does he rate on the scale of nice? Got great eyebrows? As with most plans, this one goes slightly awry because as Kara figures out which guy she might want to target, her best friend comes in on a collision course.

This is an entertaining skate across the slippery ice of life in middle school complete with the perfect girl who always gets her man, the older sister with the perky ponytail, and a few visits to the sanctuary of the far stall in the boys' bathroom. 253 pages Ages 9-12

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