The World of Extreme Adventures

world of extreme adventures harastov

„To everyone who can see the world as a big adventure.“ Planet Earth is a place of extreme temperatures, poisonous creatures, impassable vegetation, mysterious caves, bottomless abysses, and loads more complications . . . If this doesn’t make you close your eyes in fear, but instead makes you dream of a total adventure, open up this book and allow this group of four brave children, with cameras, lenses, and diaries in hand, to invite you on fascinating travels at the limits of human possibility. You will get to know places that ordinary tourists never reach and also learn how to photograph and record your own adventures best.

Freezing cold, unbearable heat, cage diving, bungee jumping, forest fire, kayaking with whales, archaeological excavations, motorcycle rally, astronomical observation, sandboarding . . . No, this is not an action movie, this is an illustrated diary  and guide for all adventure lovers packed with plenty of interesting and useful information on extreme activities as well as tips on how to document everything on camera.

Follow a group of four kids on their expedition to 9 extreme places on Earth to discover the local attractions as well as local cuisine (such as fried giant Amazon Ants, snake soup or stinky durian) and learn how to take photos of extremes sports, the night sky, underwater and how to protect your equipment from various weather conditions. This book with very graphic illustrations resembling comic books will captivate the readers from the first page until the last. Includes information about travel preparations and packing checklist.---from the publisher

44 pages                              978-8000066011                               Ages 9-12

Keywords:  diary, adventure, exploration, extreme sports, travel, how to, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old

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