The Witches

The Witches

Everyone knows about witches with their pointy, black hats and their flying broomsticks. But what we know is all very wrong. Witches happen to look like very ordinary women and act like any other lady you have ever met, and that is just the problem. Witches loathe children and have it out to obliterate every child from the planet. Good thing Grandmamma knows all there is to know about these sneaky, evil witches. Through stories, she prepares her grandson for the worst of the worst. Together they even find a way to rid of the Grand High Witch, but not without devastating magic spells that greatly transform both of their lives.

Contributed by M.M.R.



When I say the word witch what do you think of? I bet you think of a women in black robes holding a broom and wand. But you are very, very wrong. Witches are the exact opposite of a nice little women but they definitely don’t look it. Witches dress like ordinary women, talk like ordinary women, act like ordinary women. In other words witches are very hard to catch. But luckily a little boy and his grandmother know how to spot these horrible creatures.

Over the summer the boy and his grandmother go to a hotel on the coast. The boy has mice and wants to train them but he can’t in his room so he trains them in a reserved room labeled RSPCC or the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. But when the ladies come in and chain lock the door he realizes that he is trapped in a room full of witches.

Then the grand high witch shows all the witches in the room (as well as him) the delayed action mouse maker. This nasty potion can turn any child into a mouse. The boy tries to escape but he gets caught and turned into a mouse!

Will they be able to stop the witches or will they let them take over? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

This book is great for kids who want to be taken for a mythical and thrilling adventure.


By: Amy L.

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