The Unofficial Lola Bay Fan Club

the unofficial lola bay fan club

The intensity of tween fandom collides with the shifting friendship dynamics of middle school as Iris comes to terms with all the ways friendships can be good and bad.

Pop star Lola Bay is everything to Iris and her best friend, Leeza. Her songs speak right to their souls and they can’t wait to start a Lola Bay fan club when middle school starts. But then mean girls take over the fan club and Leeza seems to be interested in other things.

Enter Dana. She’s bold and cool and not afraid to stand up for herself. Plus, she’s a massive Lola Bay fan and knows how to get free merch online. She even has big ideas for getting them to a concert.

When some of Dana’s ideas make Iris a little nervous, she pushes the feelings down—Dana seems to know what she’s doing. Only as Dana’s plans get bigger and bigger, Iris feels worse and worse. And then Dana crosses a line that causes trouble for Iris’s whole family.

How could someone who is supposed to be a friend do that? And, Iris wonders, how did I let things go this far?---from the publisher

272 pages                                     978-0593532102                              Ages 9-13

Keywords:  middle school, girls and women, friendship, dealing with feelings, peer pressure, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old, self esteem, being yourself

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