The Tickle Monster Is Coming!

The Tickle Monster Is Coming!

It's time to hide in your bed and peek out because any second now, that tickle monster is going to show up and you just know how he's going to tickle you. You might wet your pants! This is a fun, filled with anticipation, picture book. Great for a bedtime story or a storytime with parents and kids.


Uh oh you better get into that bed and pull that sheet up over your head because the Tickle Monster is coming. He's waking up in his cave and he's headed your way. He knows the smell of your toothpaste and he can't wait to start tickling. You might even wet your pants. The tickle monster is coming. The suspense and the excitement build as you turn page after page and hear all about just what's coming your way. Great fun and a great read aloud. 32 pages

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