The Talent Show

The Talent Show

Cape Bluff, Kansas is the setting for this inspiring story about teamwork and perseverance. When the community of Cape Bluff is rocked by a huge tornado it will take everyone's help and determination to dig out of the rubble and mass destruction. Gutman weaves his story through ten main characters in the town, a mayor, car salesman, a school principal, famous pop singer, a rapper, a dancer, a singer, a super mom, a musician, and a comedian. The town decides to host a talent show to raise money to rebuild. Many of the citizens decide to try out for the talent show and they discover many surprises about themselves including talents that they did not even know they possessed.

The talent show serves as a place where talents are discovered and nurtured. The citizens of Cape Bluff learn that their town is filled with very unique and talented people. We, as the reader, learn that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. An excellent read, I would recommend it to everyone who just likes a good story. 211 pages

Contributed by A. Phillips, Librarian

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